Like Nature and Person! Like me and you!

You are the noun,

And I am the verb!

You are the subjected system,

I am the experiment on this system!

You are the words,

I am the voice!

You are the doer,

I am what you do!

You are the point function,

I am the path function!

You are the investment,

I am your growth!

I challenge you, but you tame me! I serve, you build!

Its not what togetherness makes us,

It is the purpose of our destiny!

It is not just about me and you!

It is equally about nature and person!

You are the “Purush” (the Self, pure consciousness, and the only source of consciousness – The Soul), and I am the “Prakriti” (the creatrix, creative energy and the nature in all aspects)!

 I exist for your existence, and you for mine! The easier you make my survival, the easier becomes yours! I am less of life, without you and you are lifeless without me! We have no religion, no bars, no nationality, no emotions, no benefits, we are thus at par with our existence and its purpose.

Like a person, you are the fire,

Like the nature, I am the flame!

Like a person, you are the sea,

Like the nature, I am the wave!

Like a person, you are the sun,

Like the nature, I am the rays!

Like a person, you are the earthy soil,

Like the nature, I am the nourishment!

Like a person, you are the air,

Like the nature, I am the breath!

Like a person, you are the sky,

Like the nature, I am the space!

I am the ever-changing vision you see! You are the constant that studies me! I go beyond your control and you grow beyond to control! I old the gist of you! You, however, hold the best of me!

You are the life,

I am the lifestyle!

You are the vision!

I am the memory!

You are execution of art!

I am the intention behind it!

We are not the same! Definitely not! We are individually not enough! Definitely not! We are individually never worthless! Definitely not! We implement each other’s worth.

You are the matter!

I am the energy!

We are one beyond time and space!

And we work as one in time and space!


We are two mutually exclusive events that make up the whole universe. We have a common beginning and a common end. I am the thread from that beginning to end and then back to the beginning. You are the one, who walks on this thread, makes this beginning called life, the end called death, and construct your way on the thread for your back and forth movement amidst life and death.

You are the fighter and I am the courage,

You are the help and I am the empathy!

You are the believer and I am the faith,

You are the satisfaction and I am the peace!

I grow forever and encircle you in one

I am the subjective, and you are the objective!

I am the indefinable, and you are the consciousness!

When you control me, I get empowered. While you try regulating me, I feel reformed. It is when you raise your voice against chaos and confusion threatening the existence of worlds, that I get purified into my pristine original self.

I ensure the basic nature of a life never changes. I exist in all the perfections and imperfections, symmetry and asymmetry, beauty and ugliness, light and darkness, heat and cold, pain and pleasure, good and evil, and other dualities that are present in creation. In effect of interactions of these, all the “karma ” (the act by body, speech or mind) is executed. And, you are the passive witness drawing lines to these acts once they ooze beyond limits.

When we see a reflection of the pure sky onto surface of pure river water, they seem inseparable even when we touch the water and create ripples or waves into it.

Similarly, in their purest and highest aspects, it is difficult to distinguish you from me, which gives rise to the impression that the ultimate reality is one only, and “Brahman” (the complete universe) is all, without distinction, names and forms. However, we grow apart as we descend into the lower planes of existence, creating the illusion that we are separate and independent. Hence, in the mortal world hardly anyone understands whether we are one or two, and whether we are entirely independent or mutually dependent.

When one falls into evil ways, we become enemies leading to eternal war within oneself.
However, while one does the righteous act with the intention of good for all, we become friends leading to eternal peace within oneself.

This is well depicted as one of the simplest definition of our relation ever provided is by “The Bhagvad Gita” that says,

 “The self is the friend of the Self and the self is also the enemy of the Self.”

Comfort evolves, when you evolve out of comfort.


Step out to feel the never felt,

One of the feels, you may embrace forever!

Or stay down locked therin,

And through that window, gaze forever!

The choice is yours!

The choice not of Facing the world out!

But trying the new habit of stepping out! 

Remember the last time when you went to an exam and felt smooth and comfortable about it. Or the last time when you were not at all anxious while moving out of home or a relationship. Or probably, when you were absolutely fine and cozy about struggling, learning, growing or standing up for the right.

Definitely not a single instance of this sort would have come to your mind. Because, that is how life works. As said, there’s nothing called a free lunch. Which means, to earn something, you lose something for sure. The question now is how do you decide what to barter and where’s the barter scale for it?

Recall all that you have wished in your life, or worked to achieve them, be it materialistic or non-materialistic, short-term or long-term, an instantaneous hearty wish or a planned strategize goal. Almost all of them have one thing in common, they finally converge to achieve the same thing and that is a comfort zone, be it physical, mental, social, biological, economical, sexual, spiritual, or any other kind.

Then, this means all is done to enter that comfort zone, so desired. Does that imply that there exists no comfort currently? Indeed, it does exist. And that is why, a person is stable enough to wish or desire something and put in efforts in order to achieve it. Otherwise, in the absence of all comforts, a person is nothing but a mere puppet of raw needs of the present condition.

Putting it all together, “This comfort” is like the equilibrium state, which mind, soul and body always want to achieve. And the moment it achieves it, it discovers another equilibrium state which is more stable than the current one and tries to meet it till eternity. On the other hand, there exists no absolute equilibrium which could state the termination of this whole long process.

Another twist is that all these three, mind, soul and body have their own equilibrium states. And, most of the time the pull of one of them to achieve comfort disrupts the comfort of the other. This is how the ball keeps rotating in all the courts. And, who gets to face the biggest consequences of all these? Its you, because neither mind, nor body nor soul acts as a distinct unique entity. They all merge in you, and this unique entity, then becomes you. So obviously, whatsoever be the net force in whichever direction acts onto you.

All the laws of all the countries against any crimes were established either on the basis of victim’s say or by the victim themselves. We educated people can create our constitution and rule books in such a way that aims to establish a balanced state and eradicate all negative consequences being caused by any act of violence. Then, why do we tend to forget that applying the same logic to our lives, we got to balance all entities of ourselves, “mind, soul and body ”, such that the net result is right in magnitude and direction for us.

Comfort arose for the first time in you when you were wrapped in your mother’s arms and she sung you to sleep. If that would have continued forever, would you have been able to provide comfort to anybody else in the world? The first time you provided that secure emotional comfort to someone, you did step out of your comfort zone. And, that became the key to evolution of your emotional comfort. Likewise, the first time you felt conscious about your health, banned junk and started working out or following a healthy lifestyle in order to improve the quality of your life, it was then your sweat and self-control leaped you to another level of physical comfort zone. That’s how, with each little decision of ours, we grow bold and discover the tough but the right path for us, that takes us to a relatively more stable comfortable equilibrium state of our life in one way or the other.

The only confusion that still persists is that at a given point of time, out of all the pulling forces by “mind, soul and body ”, which one should we really go for? Now, this is tiniest but the most crucial choice, for which the biggest factor is the priority in the given time and space. To maintain a healthy balance between distant things, we usually pull the most extreme end with highest force and closest end with lowest force. The weighted balance is the key, to understand the exact proportion of importance of each of the three in the situation. For instance, if you seem to do well with your happiness and work, but your health issues have gone down to a level that they have started challenging those two strengths of yours, It time to pull the body with the maximum effort you can put. Or an instance of depression deteriorating your peaceful soul and a healthy body, is calling you out for an emergent action with the need of mindfulness, to acquire a mental equilibrium.

Having lived many years of life, we all know all of this, yet fail to keep an eye on it and control it at the right time. The reason is not our lack of knowledge, but our tendency to ignore this “much-desired” balance in us and choosing to solve unnecessary, virtual self-created notions of never-existent problems..

It is you, dear who is going to stay with you, with or without choice! The more you are in sync with your inner self, the easier it becomes to live in comfort and die at comfort, because the stronger this sync gets, the higher this comfort evolves.

Comfortably Evolving Out of Comfort,
Hiti Sinha

Mighty, Majestic and Mystic

A life unlived is worth living the most!
A life unrealised is topped by the frost,
That hides soul beneath the gleaming sheet,
And pretends as if the life in life is lost!

This is how we have been living. All our lives, we keep learning and keep evolving. Sometimes, at school, at religious places, at homes, at trips and then at offices.
But, let me ask you, “How many times, did we really love how to live?”. Moreover, “How many times did we feel, that we lack the sense of living in life?”. Or must I say, how many times did we feel, “What if I could manage my life a little better?”

Drink me in such that I dissolve in you,
Says the life, through the mist and dew…
Breathe me in such that I respire in you,
Whispers the life, amidst shades of red and blue…
Clutch me, hide me and cuddle me warm,
Pleaded the life, floating like beer’s barm…
Kiss me to life and make me peacefully calm,
Assured the life, “Trust me, I’ll do no harm” …

Well, technically Oxford defines Life as, “The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

Exactly, preceding death, not dying inside simultaneously. Sometimes, it feels like the day and night burn into ashes and like a bedsheet settling to cover us completely and crushing us within. But is that the truth? Would that have been the truth, it would have stayed forever, for each and every moment. But, it could not last, not as long as life, which is truth.
When we define something, there’s no guarantee we understand it. When we feel it as well, we cannot assure that we believe in it. But yes, when we live it each moment, we know, understand, realize and believe it. That’s why we say, “We live our lives”. Don’t we?

A strong beautiful soulful monument,
The man’s creation or the man himself!
Mighty as their reflection, both aspire to see,
Majestic is there after what they want to be,
Mystic end to life adds an impish glee… 
That’s why both the creations are so prolific,
Gradually mighty, majestic and mystic!

Yes, the stages, the steps, and the phases of life are the ones, most important. When we understand them, we understand their importance and that’s when we tread along. Yes,
be it constructing a legendary monument or architecting our own life, they elevate us through the same stairs and same steps. At each step, all that changes is the motive of stepping it over

In the first primary stage, the motive is MightyPower, also known as Self Importance in the Society that ranges between variant degrees of self-faith, self-confidence, self-respect, egotism, narcissism and egomania. This is based in a fundamental need that is Identification of an Individual. The only problem is that, this need is distorted by the circumstances leading to the change in degree.

The attention they both draw,
And the life they both live within!
Common are the paths trodden by their steps,
And the deep repentance for all their sins!

The second stage then holds Majestic Attitude as the motive. Like the levels of staircase, by the time a person elevated to this stage, gets the contemplation of notions of Importance, Respect and Power in Life. Not as straight forward as the earlier one, this tricky stage has the ability to create an illusion of what we want to see. Once recognized, it becomes our significant need to raise and nurture majestic attitude, also known as Influential orientation. Well, partly it is borne out of the lessons that harsh experience taught at the previous step. This step broadens the Gaps between, “What we are?”, “What we want to become?”, “What we want to be seen as?”, “What are we symbolized by, within conversations people have?”, and “What is it in us that makes people look up to us?”

A personality is earned never by a down payment,
Its built by annuity paid by each change we inculcate…
Some reforms we make consume night long lament,
That’s how each and every piece of us we assimilate

As the second stage ends with a resonant synchronized notion of ourselves from all the windows of all our lives: A notion that’s well collaged, sorted, thought-over and constant. Yes, then it is the time to put forward the final step. This step of Mystic Bliss, also known as Soulful delight, holds an elevated experience beyond rational reasoning, and much beyond focused voluntary endeavor. The feet reaching this step denote within the person, contentment towards responsibilities, gratitude towards life, satisfaction towards time, absence of expectations, evaporation of grudges and most importantly sustenance with acceptance. The motive of this step is realization of the truth, the eternal peace, the bigger perspective, the wiser objective, the firmer instinctive and the oneness with the world.

All that goes up today has to come down someday,
Even the rising vapors with heat do rain one day…
Holding onto something is not at all forever,
That’s why they say, “Never say never” …
So, do good this day as today is new,
For all that you do comes back to you…
All that exists in nature is absolutely ballistic,
Undoubtedly it is, Mighty, Majestic and mystic!

Persisting Mighty Intent, Majestic Times, and Mystic Glint
Hiti Sinha

Dearest Emptiness

With no words to express myself, rather the inner me,
I go on writing this letter to the dearest “Emptiness”…
The emptiness that lies folded beside me, inside me!
It says, “Your success and Failure doesn’t bother me
If not me, who could define what a companion is!
Your time changed, but I never did change…
Even you changed, but all I did is accepted!

Yes, such was the contribution of this “Emptiness”, much more than I could realize, and much bigger than I could believe. Honestly, all the years while I had been complaining and grudging about my loneliness, never did I understand how this emptiness dissolved in my solitude.

I know you would say “Think Practically, A companion has to be living thing, first! I understand. I understand!” That’s how I used to think too. But what if I ask you,
Is the numb throbbing in the silence not enough to be its heartbeat,
Or is the essence of enveloping air not enough to be its skin,
What else does it need to be approved of a life?
Is it the physical body, that a corpse possesses?
Or is it, the communication that even plants strive to prove!
What is it, that stops us from accepting that even in our loneliness, we are not alone. Would that have been the case, “Why and who do we talk to inside?”. Tell me, “Who is it that you wait to get your tears wiped even in the locked room?”.

This emptiness never gets depleted. It stays forever. It contracts and hides within when many high-profile contacts, success awards and moments of glam get added to your life. Why? Because it knows by your ignorance that you don’t want it right now, and enjoys watching you enjoy them. Then, later when you fail or get stabbed, in the dark moments of your life, it expands and cuddle you to envelop and isolate you from the rest of the world, so that you see the world as it is, without a single perception.
And then….
Most of us avoid it, and distract ourselves. Isn’t it?
Some of us fight it, and believe we killed it. Isn’t it?
A few of us accept it and wait for our time to change.
My question is why don’t we carry it gracefully?
This generation makes me the immensely proud, when they never hesitate to accept their flaws. They carry it so elegantly and boldly, that no wonder the flaw seems to be the new fashion in its only edition.

Why just sitting depressed in a corner under the staircase, or looking down to the hazy world from top floor through the empty bottle or walking alone by a sea shore viewing the setting sun, or fighting the slaps of wind over the face out of the window over a road trip….do we find and talk to this Emptiness?
What should then stop us from accepting, embracing and glorifying this “Emptiness” beside us, beneath us, within us? Could we ever be so loyal and supporting to anyone as “Emptiness” is!
Loving and protecting my Emptiness
Hiti Sinha