Like Nature and Person! Like me and you!

You are the noun,

And I am the verb!

You are the subjected system,

I am the experiment on this system!

You are the words,

I am the voice!

You are the doer,

I am what you do!

You are the point function,

I am the path function!

You are the investment,

I am your growth!

I challenge you, but you tame me! I serve, you build!

Its not what togetherness makes us,

It is the purpose of our destiny!

It is not just about me and you!

It is equally about nature and person!

You are the “Purush” (the Self, pure consciousness, and the only source of consciousness – The Soul), and I am the “Prakriti” (the creatrix, creative energy and the nature in all aspects)!

 I exist for your existence, and you for mine! The easier you make my survival, the easier becomes yours! I am less of life, without you and you are lifeless without me! We have no religion, no bars, no nationality, no emotions, no benefits, we are thus at par with our existence and its purpose.

Like a person, you are the fire,

Like the nature, I am the flame!

Like a person, you are the sea,

Like the nature, I am the wave!

Like a person, you are the sun,

Like the nature, I am the rays!

Like a person, you are the earthy soil,

Like the nature, I am the nourishment!

Like a person, you are the air,

Like the nature, I am the breath!

Like a person, you are the sky,

Like the nature, I am the space!

I am the ever-changing vision you see! You are the constant that studies me! I go beyond your control and you grow beyond to control! I old the gist of you! You, however, hold the best of me!

You are the life,

I am the lifestyle!

You are the vision!

I am the memory!

You are execution of art!

I am the intention behind it!

We are not the same! Definitely not! We are individually not enough! Definitely not! We are individually never worthless! Definitely not! We implement each other’s worth.

You are the matter!

I am the energy!

We are one beyond time and space!

And we work as one in time and space!


We are two mutually exclusive events that make up the whole universe. We have a common beginning and a common end. I am the thread from that beginning to end and then back to the beginning. You are the one, who walks on this thread, makes this beginning called life, the end called death, and construct your way on the thread for your back and forth movement amidst life and death.

You are the fighter and I am the courage,

You are the help and I am the empathy!

You are the believer and I am the faith,

You are the satisfaction and I am the peace!

I grow forever and encircle you in one

I am the subjective, and you are the objective!

I am the indefinable, and you are the consciousness!

When you control me, I get empowered. While you try regulating me, I feel reformed. It is when you raise your voice against chaos and confusion threatening the existence of worlds, that I get purified into my pristine original self.

I ensure the basic nature of a life never changes. I exist in all the perfections and imperfections, symmetry and asymmetry, beauty and ugliness, light and darkness, heat and cold, pain and pleasure, good and evil, and other dualities that are present in creation. In effect of interactions of these, all the “karma ” (the act by body, speech or mind) is executed. And, you are the passive witness drawing lines to these acts once they ooze beyond limits.

When we see a reflection of the pure sky onto surface of pure river water, they seem inseparable even when we touch the water and create ripples or waves into it.

Similarly, in their purest and highest aspects, it is difficult to distinguish you from me, which gives rise to the impression that the ultimate reality is one only, and “Brahman” (the complete universe) is all, without distinction, names and forms. However, we grow apart as we descend into the lower planes of existence, creating the illusion that we are separate and independent. Hence, in the mortal world hardly anyone understands whether we are one or two, and whether we are entirely independent or mutually dependent.

When one falls into evil ways, we become enemies leading to eternal war within oneself.
However, while one does the righteous act with the intention of good for all, we become friends leading to eternal peace within oneself.

This is well depicted as one of the simplest definition of our relation ever provided is by “The Bhagvad Gita” that says,

 “The self is the friend of the Self and the self is also the enemy of the Self.”

2 thoughts on “Like Nature and Person! Like me and you!

  1. Simplest and the most beautiful explanation of what I and you are and what precisely the defined and the undefies universe is.


  2. Simplest and the most beautiful explanation of what I and you are and what precisely is the defined and the undefined universe is.


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