Comfort evolves, when you evolve out of comfort.

Step out to feel the never felt,

One of the feels, you may embrace forever!

Or stay down locked therin,

And through that window, gaze forever!

The choice is yours!

The choice not of Facing the world out!

But trying the new habit of stepping out! 

Remember the last time when you went to an exam and felt smooth and comfortable about it. Or the last time when you were not at all anxious while moving out of home or a relationship. Or probably, when you were absolutely fine and cozy about struggling, learning, growing or standing up for the right.

Definitely not a single instance of this sort would have come to your mind. Because, that is how life works. As said, there’s nothing called a free lunch. Which means, to earn something, you lose something for sure. The question now is how do you decide what to barter and where’s the barter scale for it?

Recall all that you have wished in your life, or worked to achieve them, be it materialistic or non-materialistic, short-term or long-term, an instantaneous hearty wish or a planned strategize goal. Almost all of them have one thing in common, they finally converge to achieve the same thing and that is a comfort zone, be it physical, mental, social, biological, economical, sexual, spiritual, or any other kind.

Then, this means all is done to enter that comfort zone, so desired. Does that imply that there exists no comfort currently? Indeed, it does exist. And that is why, a person is stable enough to wish or desire something and put in efforts in order to achieve it. Otherwise, in the absence of all comforts, a person is nothing but a mere puppet of raw needs of the present condition.

Putting it all together, “This comfort” is like the equilibrium state, which mind, soul and body always want to achieve. And the moment it achieves it, it discovers another equilibrium state which is more stable than the current one and tries to meet it till eternity. On the other hand, there exists no absolute equilibrium which could state the termination of this whole long process.

Another twist is that all these three, mind, soul and body have their own equilibrium states. And, most of the time the pull of one of them to achieve comfort disrupts the comfort of the other. This is how the ball keeps rotating in all the courts. And, who gets to face the biggest consequences of all these? Its you, because neither mind, nor body nor soul acts as a distinct unique entity. They all merge in you, and this unique entity, then becomes you. So obviously, whatsoever be the net force in whichever direction acts onto you.

All the laws of all the countries against any crimes were established either on the basis of victim’s say or by the victim themselves. We educated people can create our constitution and rule books in such a way that aims to establish a balanced state and eradicate all negative consequences being caused by any act of violence. Then, why do we tend to forget that applying the same logic to our lives, we got to balance all entities of ourselves, “mind, soul and body ”, such that the net result is right in magnitude and direction for us.

Comfort arose for the first time in you when you were wrapped in your mother’s arms and she sung you to sleep. If that would have continued forever, would you have been able to provide comfort to anybody else in the world? The first time you provided that secure emotional comfort to someone, you did step out of your comfort zone. And, that became the key to evolution of your emotional comfort. Likewise, the first time you felt conscious about your health, banned junk and started working out or following a healthy lifestyle in order to improve the quality of your life, it was then your sweat and self-control leaped you to another level of physical comfort zone. That’s how, with each little decision of ours, we grow bold and discover the tough but the right path for us, that takes us to a relatively more stable comfortable equilibrium state of our life in one way or the other.

The only confusion that still persists is that at a given point of time, out of all the pulling forces by “mind, soul and body ”, which one should we really go for? Now, this is tiniest but the most crucial choice, for which the biggest factor is the priority in the given time and space. To maintain a healthy balance between distant things, we usually pull the most extreme end with highest force and closest end with lowest force. The weighted balance is the key, to understand the exact proportion of importance of each of the three in the situation. For instance, if you seem to do well with your happiness and work, but your health issues have gone down to a level that they have started challenging those two strengths of yours, It time to pull the body with the maximum effort you can put. Or an instance of depression deteriorating your peaceful soul and a healthy body, is calling you out for an emergent action with the need of mindfulness, to acquire a mental equilibrium.

Having lived many years of life, we all know all of this, yet fail to keep an eye on it and control it at the right time. The reason is not our lack of knowledge, but our tendency to ignore this “much-desired” balance in us and choosing to solve unnecessary, virtual self-created notions of never-existent problems..

It is you, dear who is going to stay with you, with or without choice! The more you are in sync with your inner self, the easier it becomes to live in comfort and die at comfort, because the stronger this sync gets, the higher this comfort evolves.

Comfortably Evolving Out of Comfort,
Hiti Sinha

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