The Great Guiding Glitches

“When walking through the valley,

Did I realize the height of the mountain,

The one that I had just climbed down!

On the day of scorching heat rising,

Did I realize the relief of swift breeze,

The breeze that I never identified earlier!

At the hour of pain, dread, and agony,

Did I realize the courage to bare all of it,

The courage that held me strong until now!

While standing under the relentless rain,

Did I realize the comfort of the leaves,

The leaves shading me from violent rage!

While clutching my death in my arms,

Did I realize all that life had offered me,

Th life that I had been living until then!”

There it is. The address of “The Great Guiding Glitches” lie here, exactly here. That’s where they belong!

Things that are not absolute, are relative! Relative comparison is what makes us understand things far way better. May be that is why, Darkness is defined as the absence of light, and coldness as the absence of heat.

It is not when we have something in abundance, but when we lack that something, do we realize its significance to ultimate sense!

That is how every breath costs for a man on death-bed.

Each drop of water counts for a sore dry throat.

Every pint of sleep counts for severe chronic insomniac.

Single bond holds for a debarred, ostracized orphan.

Only a piece of cloth for a body covered with shame, yet uncovered!

Well, that’s how it works! When we are in ultimate need of it, it becomes a priority automatically. Fulfillment of that priority is ready to take away anything, absolutely anything at its cost, because then every other thing, relatively is worthless at that instance! The next instance then creates a new priority and then another thing is pushed back in the order of priorities and the cycle goes on….

Does that sound like some psychological wisdom or some lessons impractical?

Well they aren’t!

Because if you want to study it statistically or commercially, you may simply understand its analogy with the Share market. The way, at some point of time, governance issues, environmental conditions, lifestyle trends, or big revolutions affect the prices of commodities, the various situations of our life do the same to our priorities. The prices, the importance of the commodities rise and drop with time. Some get introduced and few eliminated. It is all a cycle, every action creates a reaction and acts as an action for inducing another reaction too.

If you wish to understand it scientifically, understand any priority or concept as an object being observed in an environment with dynamic ally changing parameters influencing the behavior of the object. Just as one in a Thermodynamic setup, where temperature, pressure, viscosity, density and many more play significant roles in exactly determining the behavior of the object in focus. It could even be counted as the Model of machine learning depending on various parameters with varying priorities at various point of times giving rise to well evaluated, sorted, important results.

In all these analogies, when we analyze the system i.e., life situations and its possible outcomes without consideration of one particular single factor. It is then that we observe, understand, realize and evaluate suddenly how important has that factor become for attaining most optimal results.

Maximum moments of our lives, we have been involved in creating a life of our dreams, trying to be perfect, building the most optimal solutions. For all the problems of our lives, be it whatever! In these moments, we need exactly what we are lacking or ignoring then so as to sought the most optimal, near to perfect solution. That lacking or ignored factor could be patience, peace, self-control, endurance, faith, hope, happiness, strength, courage or anything that it takes you to survive in it then.
That Thing is “The Great Guiding Glitch” of that moment and the costliest at that stand, which is why it is the most difficult to attain it. But mark my words, today or tomorrow, you’ll have to spend on it anyhow!

The choice is yours!

Either you start putting all your efforts in buying it that moment itself!

Or you wait for its price to lower and lose something else until then!

Or might be you want to divert yourself from this now, and then come back to a more complicated version of the same situation, years later!

Or least probable but most tricky option,

You might plot, plan and execute to bring a revolution resulting into your evolution forever, manipulating the complete system, the complete market statistics, the complete life, by getting to know yourself deep deeper deepest inside!

Grateful to allthe Great Guiding Glitches,

Hiti Sinha

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