Distant Closeness & Close distance

Space and time, being the two most primary dimensions of universe. All that is stagnant, constant and static with respect to these two: “Time” and “Distance”, is what is “The Ultimate Truth”. And all that changes, varies, ascends or descends with these two is what is known as “Illusion”. An illusion does not mean a lie. It means a conditional truth, that becomes a lie only beyond those conditions.

So, the importance “Time” and “Distance” hold in our life is far way more extended that just what we understand it is. Be it your birth, language, family friends, career, relationships or be it your inner voice, conscious, vibe, gut feeling, emotions, decisions or life and death: All are the events and functions mapped upon the planes of some Time and Distance, distinctly or coincidentally.

Today, we live in a routine that’s physically earning us a healthy and a lavish lifestyle whereas, metaphysically, decaying out the style from life making it unhealthy, poor and weak. Is it actually our choice, or is it a By-product coming along with a choice just like the crushed paper or piece of foam coming along with the footwear that we buy from the stores today. What I mean is, who in the world would intentionally carry home such a garbage, but don’t we? May be we do because we do not realize it, or may be because we know that we own a dustbin at our homes too.

In such a lifestyle, at times we lack time or distance or have ample of time and distance unregulated within our jobs, lives,
relationships and self. The point is what is we manage it effectively. Well some online courses, a few webinars and some books flooding the markets for sorting this “Time and Distance Management” are a fashion today. With due respect to all of them, if we understand and learn from it and solve our problem completely, there’s nothing to discuss. But yes, if we are still on the same page fighting issues, with a battle within oneself, but a broad glittering smile on the face, Let’s just face it.

We are social beings and it’s our basic need that people, by themselves take out time for us, put an effort to reduce the distance in-between. This expectation at least from the people, who are important to us goes without saying, which is absolutely normal. Whereas, sometime the reverse is the case. There are people doing this and we want them to retard because we feel we need some distance and time debarring them, what we call our personal space. And again, this is not wrong too. So what is the root cause exactly? Why and how is this a problem?

The world works on Energy, the primary of which is Light Energy from the Sun and similar sources. Even this infinitely powerful energy, that feeds almost the complete universe has a spectrum, the bands of colors and each of them has their limits, both minimum and maximum. We also pertain limits naturally, or must I say we have a threshold (minimum) and a critical/saturation (maximum) value to everything we have, we do, and we live around. For some people and some situations, these values are rigid, predefined and constant, whereas for others they are flexible with some margins and allowances.

Exactly, such are the situations when we become distant with the people we are living closely. Or we become very closely attached to people long distances away. Or while doing our jobs, we get distant and detached to the monotonous work with we do. Or we enjoy even imagining a few passions of ours, that we really did not at all practice in real. This is how events and functions of your life are at par with time and distance.

The point is to QWERTY, i.e., Query, Weigh, Estimate, Realize, Takeover, Yield.

Query– Ask yourself if there’s anything or anyone that’s beyond (plus or minus) your bounds of threshold and critical values of distance and time. If it is not, then accepting it is the right thing to do, as it might be a very instantaneous or temporary issue that will subside soon. Else, Weigh.

Weigh– Is it worthy enough to extend your bounds using allowances. If yes, extend the bounds and accept. Else, Estimate.

Estimate – That’s how you simulate the effects of the situation becoming a cause. Post estimating the probable effects, check once if you can take it and if you are ready to take it.

Realize –  Realize the importance of that thing or that person is the utmost important step. To realize, you got to think from a domain free from time and distance.
You may ask yourself questions like:

What would I do if that person or thing or event terminates from my life just now, that too forever?
How much would it affect me?
How much I am in desperate need to feel that everything in my life is sorted related to that person, thing or event?
Why am I doing this?
Do I really want to make an extra effort to manage this close distance?

and more…

Takeover –  After realizing, you did 80% of it. Now you do the rest by taking over hold of your actions and intentions towards making such an effort by changing either your beliefs, or your opinions or merely your reactions.

Yield – This is the stage where you start bearing the fruits of your planned directional endeavor. This, in turn motivates you to enjoy the richness in closeness with selected people, things and activities that you aspired for. Further, you are proud of the selection and elimination you made to sort the priorities in action of your life.

This serves for contentment in “Close Distance” and limits in selective bounds, “Distant Closeness”.

Living closely distant from distance,
Hiti Sinha

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