Brain & Brawn of Memories

What is it exactly that differentiates a person from an animal. Well, some say it is socialization, others answer its culture, and the rest believe that it is our values. Well I firmly believe, it is our memories, cherished or undernourished. Yes, undoubtedly we socialize more than animals do. We have a better culture and values than them too. But is it not a fact, that we pertain all this only because we have their imprints on our learning and memory.

Echo of the times you laughed openly,
Remembrance of the first touch you adored,

Retention of what your experiences coached you,

Evocation of the evolution of your soul!

Nothing they are in sizes ans masses,

But occupy big space in your brain,

And bigger in your mind!

Before I continue, I am sure there’s one more concern that needs complete clarity. The controversy is “Whether the act of pertaining memories is healthy for the soul? Is it under our control?”. In my belief, this controversy had risen up mainly by two factors. The first one is the crucial fact that “Memories make us as much as we make memories”. The second is the transforming expansive effect that sharp extreme memories create in our minds, which not only affects our decision making, but our worldly perception too.

The point is, if we understand how big is the case, we might be able to deal with its brevity and sought the controversy too. “Memory”, derived from a Latin word “memor” – meaning mindful. In other words, memory means a state of being conscious or aware about something. Ask yourself randomly, whether it is about winning an award, or being stabbed in the back, or an instance of your family member in need of you, or the next best thing about to happen to you, or the cost that you pay for any of these. Will you prefer to be well informed and aware about it or to be surprised by the moment itself?

Well, this is the spirit of mindfulness. It is the great power of your conscious that it needs no other guide, if you have always traced the path it had been guiding. These memories are the ones that make you up exactly what you are, how you are and who you are. So it is a part of you that builds you in parts. It’s the power that is immense.

Exactly at this moment,
Listen to yourself reading this,
And you will surely find eyes and ears lent to you.
Who is it sensing you when you are reading this.
It is your mind.
The mind, who knows the purpose of reading this.
And with this deep down…
It is feeding your memory with all the significant chips of these words.
There you go!

You memory here pertains it!
The next time you think about your memory,
Read a fact about it or,
Randomly instruct it to remember something.
It will pay you the cost for these chips.

Memories work no different than your portfolio, which represents you. Just as your portfolio holds snaps of all that you’ve done and has its influence on your present day, memories hold too. Well the way, you choose projects to work so as to be presented in your portfolio, you choose moments to live so as to get registered as memories in your mind. Both carry your essence and both embrace your presence in the world.  

So the question of prior importance drifts from,

Whether the act of pertaining memories is healthy for the soul? Is it under our control?” to other bigger question which is,

If we are the one who create, store, manipulate, discard, update our memories, then why are we sometimes feel ruled over by them or why do we not rule over them always?”

The answer is simple, two things that are complementary parts of a whole cannot rule over each other. They either rule together or they fight a battle against each other. Obviously the former earns benefits to both and the latter one leaves none defeated.

You and your mindful piece of memories are these two parts exactly.

Now the last point is “How to rule together?”
The answer to this is something you may not remember, but your memory definitely remembers because you guys have already executed it many a times before. Manage it similar to your portfolio,

“The ones that carry happiness and courage, embrace them with pride as a booster”
“The ones that carry agony and pain, hold them softly, caress them until they get well soon”

“The ones that have made you stone, grab them rub against yourself and shape your soul with them”

“The ones that have broken you up in pieces, encircle yourself with them to protect your softness”

“The ones that churned and stripped you, wear them in an elegant way, that defines your style.”

The only thing all in all – Everything chopped, broken, burnt, spoiled thing has its use. The trick is you should know it or learnt it!

These innocent memories are the same, they look up to you to be used in the most optimized way, offer you your restored skills as tools, and believe in you as their only sculpture!    

Doing justice to my memories,
Hiti Sinha

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